What are other mums saying about our cookies?

 " These cookies are amazing. They taste nice, are well presented and packed (would make a lovely new mamma gift) but most importantly - THEY WORK. I had exclusively breastfed my 3 month old, when I needed emergency surgery. I couldn’t feed her for over 3 days. I pumped but no pump matches a baby, and my supply dwindled. I was devastated. These cookies, plus lots of skin to skin and hydration, got us back to a place where we needed ZERO top ups. Each time I had some (always 2, because they taste so yummy!) I could tell I was producing more milk, and more quickly. 
Cannot recommend enough if you’re having supply issues, and want to keep feeding baby. Thank you!! " - Sarah, Hampshire

"I can vouch firsthand for how yummy they are and for the mega effect they had on my milk supply - they actually got me through the stage where my supply seemed to have dwindled. I just wish I'd known about breastfeeding cookies with baby number one." - Becks, Cheshire.  Favourite Cookie - Coconut & Sultana

"The cookies were lovely, exactly what I needed, and crucially I felt they did have an impact on my breast milk" - Vanessa, Yorkshire. Favourite Cookie - Chocolate Chip

"Having a premature baby it's really difficult to produce enough milk as you're always having to pump to feed them. These cookies were brilliant on my 'night shifts' as a NICU mum, and really made a difference to my milk supply, as well as being delicious" - Rene, London. Favourite cookie - Toasted Coconut & Sultana

"I'd had issues with poor milk supply since the start, and my baby dropped from the 95th to the 7th centile. I rarely get more than 30ml when expressing, but after eating the cookies, this increased to 50ml a day. My boobs felt fuller, and my baby fed faster (45mins rather than 50 mins+). The cookies are a delicious way to increase milk supply. I was impressed that they stayed moist and fresh, and they were filling and not too sugary." Sarah, London. Favourite cookie - Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip

"I feel like my milk has increased overnight!! I wasn't feeling full at all, or feeling let downs, but since having a cookie I'm feeling fuller and feeling when he's due a feed. I was ready to give up and do half boob, half formula! Honestly, I'm amazed! Thank you for giving me the confidence back to carry on with just the boob" - Holly

"The cookies are yummy. My milk at the moment is very weird. My boobs are feeling really full, and whilst I'm not getting any more out when expressing, Ellie is being much quicker, so I wonder if she's getting a faster flow due to more milk" - Lisa, London. Favourite Cookie - Chocolate Chip

"A perfect snack for a lactating mummy. They are delicious, and I am ravenous all the time, so I prefer to eat these knowing they have a positive effect on my milk (I got an extra 50ml a day) rather than eating rubbish, which is what I resort to otherwise." - Rene, London. Favourite cookie - Toasted Coconut & Sultana