About Truffle Pig Kitchen

Truffle Pig Kitchen began when my daughter, Isabella, was born in 2016. My husband and I called her our little truffle pig when she was feeding because of the noises she made. I’m sure many mums can identify! I breastfed her for 9 months but there were occasions when I felt I simply didn’t have enough milk to supply her and needed to ‘top up’.

After our son Sebastian was born in 2018, I was anxious as to whether the amount of breastmilk my body was making would be adequate for my baby boy during growth spurts. I knew I was more tired this time round, running after a toddler, as well as feeding a newborn round the clock.  As with most new mums, I was famished throughout the day and night and would snack on fruit, toast, healthy snack bars and drink nursing teas. I started researching lactation cookies and experimenting with different recipes, as I wanted to make my calories count. I quickly noticed that when I ate them my breasts felt fuller, I was able to pump more milk than normal, and that feeding seemed to be quicker.

I started making these cookies for friends who were having babies, and they went down a storm, and so Truffle Pig Kitchen began

Let’s face it, breastfeeding is hungry work (on top of being a mum), especially in the early days. We deserve a tasty treat but are conscious that our food should be nourishing as well. I want mums to feel well nourished and confident about their milk supply and enjoy a tasty wholesome treat, giving them a ‘pick me up’ and improving their breastfeeding journey with their baby.

Georgie trained at Leiths School of Food and Wine, gaining distinction in the professional diploma and has a background in retail and consumer goods, including healthy food product development for Sainsbury's.