Top 10 New Mum Gifts....for Mum, not baby

There's nothing like it, however much you prepare. The transition into motherhood can be daunting and our focus tends to be on the birth, and the new life of the baby rather than the changing life of the woman who’s just become a mother. That’s understandable, they’re cute, and it’s so easy to buy gifts for new babies, isn’t it? But what about mum? Her life has changed irreversibly in a matter of moments.  In society we encourage them to return to normality as soon as possible. To get their bodies back, to go back to their old jobs, to keep doing the things they did before they grew the babies. But what about celebrating their new role, and their evolving identity, as a mother.

Here are my ideas for some more unique ‘New Mum’ gifts


1. Food glorious food!

Everyone’s heard it’s a good idea to fill up your freezer before the baby arrives, but how many people actually do it? Very few I expect. I would still always recommend to do this if you can. But what about those who don’t like cooking? There are a few options. You could cook things for your friends yourself. Rather than turn up with flowers, take them a home made lasagna. Alternatively, the ‘Nourished Mama London’ has your answer, with personalised nutrition support and delivering home cooked meals right to your door. Amazing! If you can’t cook, or have a smaller budget, COOK could have your answer! Buy the new parents a COOK voucher for a delicious home cooked meal that can be delivered to (almost) any kitchen nationwide!


2. Nourishing Treats

Breastfeeding is hungry work. Our cookies not only taste great but are packed with oats, brewers yeast and flax seed, which are ingredients known to naturally support milk supply, called ‘Galactagogues’.

Enjoy yourself, or send to a mama friend in our letterbox friendly packaging. Our cookies are freshly baked, to order. We also have gluten and dairy free options. They come beautifully packaged in and you can add a personalized card for your favourite ‘Super Mum’, because everyone needs to be told they’re doing a good job. Look online at


3. A moment of calm

Whilst you can’t guarantee a new mum a full night of sleep, the  first few weeks of motherhood also contain an awful lot of bodily fluids, some of which don’t smell as delicious as your newborn baby.

Why not treat mum to some niceness that’s going to help make her nest smell amazing and promote a sense of peace and calm? HYP candles are designed especially for mums to be and new mums. Take a look here


4. Mindfulness materials

New mums often need to be reminded what a fabulous job they're doing, in a world that's quick to judge. The YesMum make some fabulous affirmation cards that use mindfulness and positive programming techniques to help adjust mindset and strengthen emotional wellbeing. Each card serves as a reminder that she’s doing a great job and encourages her to ditch the guilt and anxiety-breeding comparisons. Buy them at


5. Milestone moments

Confession time. Are those beautiful pictures for your baby or for mum? Both. Which is why I've included this gift. Whilst I’m sure your little one will love having a few snaps of them as a baby, let’s face it, most of them are for us. What better way to capture those significant moments than with some beautiful milestone cards.  We love these Scandi style Baby Memory cards from which cover all the key milestones for you little ones first year.


6. Mama jewellery (that baby loves too)

With a baby, dangly earrings along with many of your favourite items of jewellery will become a thing of the past, but that’s a great excuse for some new treats, that are both stylish and practical. Teething and breastfeeding necklaces are designed with silicone beads that are safe for your little one to chew on and play with whilst feeding. We love this one from Livi Lou Loops, available on 


7. Box sets on tap

Box sets take on a new role in your life once you become a mum. Why not get mum something she can enjoy during endless hours of breastfeeding? Imagine how happy your friend would be if you bought her an Amazon Fire Stickso that she could simply pop the laptop on and watch whatever she likes without having to subscribe/search/buffer/plug in loads of wires.


8. Reading material that isn’t just about babies

One of my favourite presents as a new mum was a delicious magazine subscription. It was also the gift that kept on giving, arriving each month I was so excited, and it was a treat to be reading something paper (yes, I’m old fashioned) and that was about something other than regressions, burps and nappies. During the hours of feeding you also have time to read, so why not get a new mum a copy of your favourite book, or pass on your copy and give it with a bar of chocolate too!


9. Unashamed Mother merchandise

Motherhood might be tough at times, but it’s also pretty amazing. Why not celebrate this with some new Mama gear. We love this jumper from Selfish mother at New mums also need to drink bucket loads of tea, so why not get them this fabulous mug from….and for the fuel to fill it with something that counts, some ‘Milk’s Up’ Breastfeeding tea. It's delicious, naturally caffeine free, and is blended with herbs that naturally boost milk supply. Available on when your’re stocking up on cookies!


10. Baby sitting vouchers

This doesn’t need to be for a night out, for a new mum, time to do anything is precious. Gift them time to go out for coffee on their own or with their husband, date night, or time to get their nails done. You could even offer to be ‘on duty’ whilst they luxuriate in the bath, giving them some much needed ‘me time’.


If you’re reading this, the chances are a friend of yours has recently had a baby. Whether for you, or for a friend, remember, there’s no such thing as visitors for the first 12 weeks, only staff. Remember this when you have people coming over, give them a job to do. Visiting a friend,  offer to help them. Whilst gifts are great, little gestures and acts of kindness go a long way too.